in which I resurrect this newsletter

July 2020

in which I attempt to get back to newslettering by clearing the decks

May 2020

in which the pandemic has destroyed my ability to write newsletters, but there is much news about awards and virtual places you can hear and/or see me…

February 2020

reviews (mine & others), awards & nominations, doing good work (or good works), paperbacks of A MEMORY CALLED EMPIRE, and a sneak preview.

November 2019

The Imago Machine (11/13/2019) - Open Thread (Ask Me Anything, Oracular Advice, Microfictional Cities)I have, perhaps, fallen down a bit on newslettering just lately. (It’s been a complicated month. My new job is amazing, and takes up a great dea…

October 2019

in which you get a preview of A DESOLATION CALLED PEACE.

September 2019

on pernicious writing advice and trying hard things
on starting new projects.
or, how I approach retellings

August 2019

The Imago Machine (8/27/19) - Current Projects and Oracular AdviceGood afternoon, o friends of the newsletter: today I bring you an an oldstyle blog-type meme: the First Sentences Game, in which I tell you abou…
on not even wanting to give up your day job (and some announcements!)
finishing A DESOLATION CALLED PEACE, post-novel ennui, the dregs of summer, and waiting for the wheel to turn