in which I resurrect this newsletter
in which I attempt to get back to newslettering by clearing the decks
in which the pandemic has destroyed my ability to write newsletters, but there is much news about awards and virtual places you can hear and/or see me…
reviews (mine & others), awards & nominations, doing good work (or good works), paperbacks of A MEMORY CALLED EMPIRE, and a sneak preview.
The Imago Machine (11/13/2019) - Open Thread (Ask Me Anything, Oracular Advice, Microfictional Cities)I have, perhaps, fallen down a bit on newslettering just lately. (It’s been a complicated month. My new job is amazing, and takes up a great dea…
in which you get a preview of A DESOLATION CALLED PEACE.
on pernicious writing advice and trying hard things
on starting new projects.
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